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FIne Zambian Emeralds

Emeralds Park has proven itself to be one of the leading manufacturers of fancy Zambian emeralds. Every new stone that we have curated has been procured ethically and responsibly from Gemfields. Our vision is to redefine the general market norms and to create something that is truly unique. Each stone is designed and cut to create such gems that the buyers will cherish forever.

Based in the world’s largest Zambian Emerald cutting hub, Jaipur, we at Emeralds Park focus on precision and high-quality cutting and polishing which ensures the production of fine quality gemstones with supreme consistency. However, our focus is not only fixed on curating unique shapes but also to introduce new cutting and polishing styles in the market. Today, we have the biggest inventory of fancy cuts and cabochons, side stone pairs, and many more.

Fine Zambian Rough

At Emeralds Park, we are always working towards curating something different, unique, and meaningful. When we started working on this concept, we realised that there have barely been any changes in the market trend in terms of style, cutting and shaping of the gemstones. Gemstones market has been dominated by some particular shapes and cutting styles, which have been carried forward for ages. To bring out a change in these pre-existing trends, we introduced some new shapes and cutting styles that we believe have a great potential to break the monotony prevailing in the market and set new trends.


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