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History Of Carving Gemstones

Learn about unheard and interesting facts about carving gemstones in this guide!


Fact 1

Ancient civilizations began to carve gemstones thousands of years ago ‑ the art form is called Glyptography.


Fact 2

The practice of carving gemstones is rich in history, tradition, and elegance.


Fact 3

Newer methods of cutting gemstones evolved during the 19th century, and by the 20th-century carving was something of a forgotten art known only to a few.


Fact 4

Many civilizations including Persians, Assyrians, and Egyptians practiced this art form of carving gemstones.


Fact 5

Now the carving tradition is being revived. Skilled artisans are reviving this ancient practice with a modern twist.


Fact 6

The ancient art of carving and setting gemstones in jewelry is making a big comeback in India. Jaipur is India's colored gemstones hub where craftsmen have been cutting and polishing gemstones for centuries, local artisans have mastered the art of carving gemstones and are making them even more attractive.


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