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How To Choose The Perfect Emerald?

Choosing the perfect emerald is a skill that requires the right kind of knowledge in the field. Below are a few points that one must crosscheck before buying Emeralds.

A close up look of zambian emerald pear cut


1. Consider the 4 C's of Emeralds

The Four 'C's play a significant role in deciding the value of the emerald, like every other gemstone. Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat weight are the four C's.

To know more about it visit our previous guide on the 4 Cs of Emerald!

zambian emerald beads


2. Ask if Enhanced

Emeralds can be enhanced in many ways which can help to fill some inclusions. Only Johnson's Baby Oil is considered and accepted by the trade, rest reduces the natural essence of the emerald. One must be aware of it. We at Emeralds Park sell only natural Zambian Emeralds and do not practice any form of enhancements.

zambian emerald cut and cushion cut


3. Buy only from a Trusted seller

Buying Emeralds involves many aspects to be considered. Only a trusted and informed seller can help you make the perfect decision in buying the perfect Emerald for you and your loved ones.

Also, one should ask how to take care of their Emeralds, to know more about the care and cleaning of Emeralds visit our previous guides!

A close up look of zambian emerald round cut


4. Ask for Certification

If you are not sure about the seller or the Emerald you have chosen, always ask for a certificate from a renowned and reputed laboratory. We at Emeralds Park sells only certified gemstones which helps you to rest assured about your buying decision.

beautifully crafted zambian emerald fancy shape


5. Ask about the Origin

It's better to be aware of the Origin and the way it's been mined and procured.

We at Emeralds Park, procure rough stones from Gemfields which ethically and responsibly mines Emeralds from Zambia and deliberately processes and manufactures them in the world's largest Zambian emerald-cutting hub, Jaipur.

A close up look of zambian emerald rough



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