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Emerald Rough Square Necklace

  • Product Details

    Welcome to EMERALDS PARK!

    Emerald Rough Necklace | Sustainable Jewelry


    1. Product Name: Sustainable Jewelry (Heart)
    2. Jewelry Shape: Square
    3. Stone: Emerald Rough

    4. Metal: Brass (Gold Polished)

    Message for Buyers:-

    • All our gemstones are 100% natural

    • Emerald rough placement and pieces will vary with every Jewelry piece (due to the natural and inconsistent formation of emerald rough)

    • We offer Free worldwide shipping.
    • We gladly accept returns (T&C applied, kindly read the same)
    • Kindly contact us for any customization.
    • We accept wholesale orders.
    • Want to see how the piece looks in real? If you use WhatsApp, you can simply drop a text at +91-9783263444. We will understand your needs, send tons of pictures and videos.
    • Follow us on Instagram @emeraldsparkjaipur or visit our website for more pictures, videos and other styles!


    Please provide us with your valuable feedback to help us in achieving our aim to provide our customers with not only the finest quality of gemstones but also with the highest quality service that keeps the company ever connected with its clientele.

    Customization Details :

    We can customize it as per your requirement. You can simply message us or drop a text at +91-9783263444 and let us know about all the customization you want.

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